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Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and Start-up Businesses: Do you need one?

Rowan Uren PRESS-Edited

So what is an NDA? It is contract (also known as a “Confidentiality Agreement”) entered into between two or more parties to protect any confidential information that they give to the other(s) about their business. An NDA might be particularly important if your business is developing new products and sensitive or technical information is being […]

Get Business Structure Set Up Right From The Start

Clarke Nicklin

Paul Mellor is a partner at Clarke Nicklin Chartered Accountants specialising in owner managed businesses, from start-ups to medium sized limited companies. He heads up Clarke Nicklin’s business advisory team and ensures clients receive the right advice on business structure from the start so they can maximise tax savings. He also helps businesses with advice […]

How PR can help get your new business idea noticed

Sue Souter, Director of Souter PR

Sue Souter, Director of Souter PR, talks about making the most of ‘start-up’ news The key is in the word ‘new’. When you are starting out in business the very fact that you are doing so is of interest to journalists. And that’s from the business reporter on the local paper to the specialist writer […]

5 Must Haves to Start-Up Your Own Business

Christian Mancier of Gorvins solicitors

Christian Mancier, a Corporate – Commercial Solicitor at Gorvins Solicitors shares his top 5 must haves when it comes to starting up a business. We’ve all had a thought at least once in our lives along the lines of: ‘I could do that’, ‘if this business did this, it would be so much better’ or […]

The importance of segmenting to drive profits and grow your business

Image of Rachel Panther

Rachel Panther Business Coach at Harborough Innovation Centre shares the importance of segmenting to drive profits and grow your business. Every business wants more customers. More customers equal more orders…it’s simple maths. However, increased workload can put strains on your workforce and require you to hire more staff to maintain a high level of service. […]

The importance of using financial information as a navigator to business success

Image of Geoff Freestone, Oxford Innovation business coach.

Geoff Freestone Oxford Innovation business coach explains the importance of using financial information as a navigator to business success. When I was starting out on my career I often wondered how businesses ran and how complicated it must be to make money and grow a successful organisation. Surely it must be more difficult than selling something […]

Protecting your assets

Image of Matthew Hives

Starting a business? Tempted to put-off protecting Your Intellectual property? Matthew Hives, from One Stop IP, explains why You need to think again! Intellectual property impacts our lives on a daily basis, countless times even before we have brushed our teeth in the mornings. The products we use, the music we listen to, the websites […]

“I’m going to raise some Investment”

Image of Leo Dunne

By Leo Dunne. SME Funding Specialist and Business Mentor Your business needs extra cash to grow and you’ve heard about raising investment – perhaps seen something approximating to it in a popular TV programme – and decided that it’s the very fellow for you. Investment is the thing you need. You’ve been told, or found […]

Looking for Funding

Image of Leo Dunne

by Leo Dunne, SME Funding Specialist When starting a new business you will never have enough money to do it exactly the way you’d like to. You can focus on spending on business critical items and making sure that the income you’re generating covers costs; but what happens when you need to pay for something […]

Marketing strategy, and why you should make sure your business has one

Image of Nicola Denny

Nicola Denny, MD of May Marketing shares her advice on Marketing strategy, and why you should make sure your business has one. Every business should have an up-to-date marketing strategy. But for many, large and small, this is often not the case. The most common reasons for this are not having the time to step […]